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1 Palm oil industry is highly sustainable
2 Malaysia’s efforts towards sustainable palm oil production lauded
3 How the world got hooked on palm oil
4 Indigenous oil palm farmers appeal to French govt to visit Sarawak
5 Technological innovation to boost oil palm planters’ productivity
6 Sime Darby Plantation considers exiting West Africa palm oil ops
7 Try Oil Palm Farms for Getaways, Government Tells Tourists
8 Sarawak Asst Minister: Oil Palm Project No Threat to Mulu National Park
9 Malaysian Palm Oil Price Declines on Weaker Related Oils, Output Concerns
10 Sustaining the Future for Palm Oil
11 Malaysia in Last Ditch Effort to Avert EU Palm Oil Curbs
12 Countering the West’s Hypocrisy over Palm Oil
13 Indonesian Candidates Find Common Ground in Support for Palm Oil
14 Cut Palm Oil Tariff and We Will Buy Your Sugar, Indonesia Tells India
15 North Sumatra Palm Oil Magnate at Center Of Land Conversion Case
16 Obaseki Allots 17,954 Hectares for Oil Palm Plantation
17 Nigeria: CBN Offers Friendly Credit to Revamp Oil Palm Farming
18 Palm oil in hot soup?
19 Dwarf trees may be answer to Msia’s palm oil industry future
20 Cap on oil palm estates proposed
21 Primary Industries Ministry proposes cap on oil palm plantations
22 Malaysia plans to halt palm oil expansion to fight bad image
23 Palm oil producers eye domestic market amid challenges
24 B20, B30 and even B100 plans deserve our support
25 Nigeria spends $500m annually on palm oil importation – CBN
26 Ghana: Lands Ministry to Establish Oil Palm Factory By 2023
27 Indonesia, Malaysia Prepare to Contest EU’s RED II CPO Policy
28 Millions of Indonesians to Be Affected By EU Palm Oil Policy: Japbusi
29 Reducing Farmer Inequality
30 Jokowi, Mahathir Tell Brussels to Get Ready for Retaliation Over Discriminatory Palm Oil Restriction
31 Indonesia Uses Belt and Road Initiative Forum to Promote Palm Oil
32 EU’s Palm Oil Panic
33 Taking a Stand for Palm Oil Workers
34 EU Visit to Oil Palm Plantation in Riau Eases Tensions
35 Norway Won’t Ban Palm Oil, But Demands Sustainability
36 F&B Contribution to GDP Steadily Increases
37 Malaysia to Take Action against School over ‘Anti-Palm Oil Propaganda’
38 Palm Plantations Not Main Cause of Deforestation, Study Shows
39 Malaysia to Challenge EU Palm Oil Curbs at WTO
40 ‘Impossible For Palm Oil Farmers to Harm Environment’: Acting Aceh Governor
41 EU Imposes Duties Of Up To 18 Percent on Indonesian Biodiesel
42 Malaysia Sees UK Trade Deal with Palm Producers after Brexit
43 Fearing Tobacco’s Fate, Palm Oil Industry Fights Back
44 Marzuki Darusman: Palm Oil Companies Must Focus on Human Rights
45 Indonesia Continues to Lean on Palm Oil
46 Liberia: Palm Cutters Association Want Empowerment to Produce More Palm Oil
47 Liberia: Solidaridad Launches New Cocoa, Oil Palm Projects to Intensify Best Practices, Revenue for Smallholder Farmers
48 Nigeria Plans 8-Fold Increase in Palm Oil Production
49 Malaysia Turns To Africa After India Rebuke On Palm Oil
50 Ghana: African Governments Urged to Invest in Oil Palm Production
51 Africa: Opinion – How to Start a Fast Food Revolution to Save Our Health – and the Planet’s
52 Hypocrisy in Europe’s Psy-War Against Palm Oil
53 Edo Strategise for Sustainable Oil Palm Sector
54 Smallholder Oil Palm Producers Reject CBN’s 9% Interest Rate Loans, Demand 2%
55 Oil Palm Association Lauds Agric Vocational Training
56 Palm Oil Imports Reach 50,000 Tonnes Annually


1 Shift from oil palm to tropical fruit industry
2 Palm oil industry in the doldrums
3 Biosecurity plan for oil palm to benefit industry
4 Kok urges more R&D on Oil Palm Trunk
5 CM: Sabah palm oil 100% RSPO certified by 2025
6 Govt aims to certify all oil palm areas with MSPO certification by next year
7 Palm oil prices expected to go up next year – Kok
8 Kok: All oil palm areas need to have MSPO by end-2019
9 Palm oil industry calls on govt to take ‘firm’ action against Greenpeace
10 Oil palm tree growers hit hard by price decline
11 Oil palm moratorium: The future offered
12 Palm oil fund to continue program despite halt of export levies
13 Tanzanian gov’t to spend $4.3m for oil palm farming
14 Nigeria: Experts Foresee Bright Prospects in Oil Palm Companies
15 Sarawak Oil Palms to continue striving in tough palm oil outlook this year
16 Masing downplays concern over EU’s move on palm oil
17 S’wak objects to restriction of oil palm plantation expansion on native customary land
18 Nigeria: Experts Foresee Bright Prospects in Oil Palm Companies
19 Doppa disagrees with Kok’s statement to stop expansion of oil palm plantations
20 Independent oil palm smallholders neglected in sustainability effort
21 Jokowi imposes moratorium on palm oil plantations
22 Ghanaian scientist explains how palm kernel oil can improve health
23 Smallholders deny factories not buying their oil palm
24 Sarawak committed to not expanding oil palm plantation – Kok
25 S’wak to help tackle campaign against palm oil
26 Oil palm smallholders cry for assistance following drop in FFB price
27 JV covers 5,665 ha of oil palm plantation in Ulu Sebauh
28 Kerajaan pusat diminta tetapkan harga lantai sawit
29 Kerajaan larang pembesaran ladang sawit
30 Cost structure still tough for palm oil players
31 India dijangka tingkat permintaan minyak sawit
32 About 1.34 mln ha oil palm plantations are MSPO-certified
33 Putting on the brakes
34 Mulu natives urge CM to stop oil palm plantations
35 Government identifying new crops for oil palm, rubber smallholders — Kok
36 WHO must take some responsibility for anti-palm oil article — MEOA
37 Malaysian palm oil prices seen steady in 2019 — MPOC
38 Indonesia raises palm oil issue at ASEAN-EU meeting
39 Oil palms need one-ninth of land used by other vegetable oil crops
40 Government pins hope on international study favoring palm oil
41 Oil palm tree growers to enjoy simpler access to assistance
42 EU bases planned palm oil restriction on 2015 data
43 The Nigerian Oil Palm Sector Report… Full Steam Ahead
44 Palm oil industry expansion spurs Guatemala indigenous migration
45 Solidaridad urges West African gov’ts to accelerate investments for sustainable agric dev’t